2015-2017 PIAA Fellows Leadership Program

The PIAA Fellows Leadership Program is a two-year program to engage healthcare professionals for future participation in PIAA and medical professional liability (MPL) industry leadership. Through the Fellows Program, PIAA will work with and advise healthcare professionals with a specific interest in MPL to partner with the Association as it carries out its mission to be the forum and voice for every entity in the MPL insurance industry with a commitment to the quality practice of medicine and provision of healthcare.

Participating Fellows have the opportunity to serve on a PIAA committee or section, or on an ad-hoc subject-specific advisory group. Fellows may also be invited to speak at PIAA meetings or workshops and participate in special sessions in conjunction with the PIAA Board Governance Roundtable and other PIAA events.

For more information on the PIAA Fellows Leadership Program, contact Jenna Hinrichs at jhinrichs@piaa.us.