PIAA Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the Data Sharing Project!

Launched in 1985, the Data Sharing Project (DSP) is the largest ongoing independent collaborative database of medical professional liability (MPL) claims and lawsuits. It contains hundreds of thousands of closed medical and dental claims, and suits, reporting indemnity and defense costs.

The DSP provides key information for MPL insurance companies and stakeholders with an interest in patient safety and MPL claim trends. Its intent is to provide the necessary statistical information needed to enhance risk management in medicine and to track MPL claim costs. Data from the DSP can be used to study claim patterns and pinpoint the areas of medical practice most vulnerable to MPL lawsuits. In addition, the MPL expense and indemnity information maintained in the DSP provides a valuable tool in furthering efforts to seek or maintain effective medical liability reform at all levels of government.

Join us this year in celebrating the 30 years of collaborative sharing of MPL data! We will be hosting a number of events and displaying new features as we evolve the DSP. With the DSP’s evolution come a number of new features, including:

  • Dashboards (real-time interactive analytics)
  • Inclusion of hospital claims and lawsuits (expanding beyond physician claim data)
  • Mapping to ICD-10 coding (providing more information)
  • New analytics (more descriptive citable information)
  • New reports (diving deeper into the data)
  • Web-based application (simplifying submission of data)

To request or cite data from the DSP, click on the appropriate form and submit.

Data Request Form (online)
Data Request Form (print version)

Citation Request Form (online)
Citation Request Form (print version)

DSP Reports are published annually or biannually and are available for purchase – more than 20 major medical specialties are represented in the reports.

MPL Closed Claim Comparative (MPL CCC)

MPL Specialty Specific Series (MPL SSS)